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12 July 2007 @ 07:59 pm
FUCKING DRIVERS!!! *shakes fist*  
K, so there's this crazy 50ish yr old lady in a fucking old jeep on the sea to sky highway. She's mainly sticking to the right lane but goes to the left now and then.. she didn't want anyone passing her. The lady behind her gave up and just stuck behind the jeep. I said "FUCK THIS!" and sped up (A LOT). So VROOOOM I passed her. Then the highway turns back into a one lane and the Jeep's tailgating me now. WTF? I'm going as fast I can.. which wasn't very fast since there was a freaking RV in front of me. So we stick it out until the passing lane. I go VROOOOOOM and pass the RV. The Jeep's trying but is still hella behind me (*pets Honda* Good Honda) So it turns back into a one lane again. K.. so we get into Squamish. There's a two lane again but it merges right away so I take the left lane. Jeep took the right one, sped past me and merged WITHOUT signals and NOT at all gradually. She was easily going 100km (cause that's what I was doing). YEAH. NOT COOL. I was already pretty close to the car in front of me.. I don't know how I managed not to hit her. So I did what any sane person would do.. honk the hell out of my horn, tail gate, make good use of my middle finger and pretend to report her crazy ass driving LOL. She raised her finger at me the moment I honked and kept waving her lovely finger in the air. I would have called her in if I actually knew who/what number to call. Course she freaks out and turns left right away so I can't catch her license plate. I was SO close to slamming into her car (on purpose). I was FURIOUS. I get mad road rage but hoooooly shit! I was MAAAAD. If she didn't turn right away, I would have followed her home. I LOVE my car but I would have smashed my car into bits just so I could get her back. I was fucking livid.

Anyways. Moral of the story is DON'T PISS ME OFF WHEN I'M DRIVING.