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teh_holeyone's Journal

20 November 1987
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Heh. I don't look like that anymore but dayyyyyyum. I sure wish I still had that hair.

I'm Ashley. I'm a geek, animal advocate, music lover, guitar player, piano player, avid reader, soon-to-be dog trainer and rescuer, high school student (senior year), workaholic, Led Zeppelin fan and piercing collector. I dye my hair way too much (I've already found a bald spot[s]).

I adore body mods. I've retired most of my piercings but I still have my nape, three tongue piercings, and multiple ear piercings. I also have two pretty tattoos of my dogs' paw prints

I see way too many movies. My current favorites are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, SinCity and...looooads more.

My current pets consist of: three dogs (two Shelties, one Malinois) and two fishies.

My favorite word is "ballcock". Can you guess why?